Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

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ZY Series Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier,Mutual Inductor Oil Filtration Unit with Advanced Technology is specially designed for purifying transformer oil, 

cable oil, tap changer oil,mutual inductor oil, switch oil, capacitor oil in field of power transmission and transformation equipment, electric power department and 

mining enterprises. The process recovers the oil dielectric strength, removes water, gases and particulate matter etc.It is installed with high presion filter elements, 

which can remove partiles down to one micron. The accessaries are availabe in the global market, which is very convenient for maintenance

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ZY Series Single Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier Feature

1.High filtration precision holds much of sludge, remove the fine particulates out from the oil.

2.Unique degassing, dehydrated material, its evaporation area one hundred times larger than conventional materials.

3.The Transformer Oil Purification System has the characteristics of small dimension and high efficiency, convenient movement, particularly suitable for live working 

in site.

4.The vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System use the advanced fuzzy oil temperature control system , the oil temperature upper and lower bounds can be 

arbitrary set , make the oil temperature to be interval control.

5. The vacuum Transformer Oil Purification System adopts high automatic degree and the oil temperature level to realize  automatic control and automatic protection, 

safe and reliable, simple operation and convenient.

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