Hydraulic Oil Purifier Plate and Frame Pressure Oil Paper Filter

It can purify transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oils, gear oils, lubricating oil and remove water, mechanical impurities.

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Plate and Frame Oil Purifier Applicable scope

It's mainly used to remove metal particles from quenching oil, transformer oil,

insulation oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil,light fuel oil and compressor oil etc, 

it also can remove less water.Economic,easy operation and maintainance.

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The machine consists of the filter bed, the oil pump, and the rough filter etc. There are filter media such as filter paper or filter cloth installed between the filter plate and filter frame that will be fixed to form a single filtering room under the pressure from the pinch device. With filter paper or filter cloth for filtering, the machine has a simple structure with easy and low-cost operation

HOPU plate and frame pressure oil purifier with compact structure, flexible movement, convenient in changing filter paper, filter cloth

easily. It is not only as oil purifier, but also a machine as refueling.

The frame with iron material, and the connection between the filter plate and filter frame can prevent oil leakage

paper oil filtering system.jpg

Technical specification

Capacity( L/min)3050100125150200300
Working pressure (Mpa)0~0.4
Filtering space (㎡)0.480.61.571.882.353.144.08
Plate size (mm)180×180280×280
Filter paper size (mm)180×180280×280
Filtering precision≤ 1 micron
Pressure typeManual type
Filter ring quantity12162024304052
Filter plate quantity14182226324254
MotorPower (KW)
Speed (r/min)140014001400140014001400
Inlet caliber11 1/42 1/2
Outlet caliber3/41 1/42 1/2

Dimension (mm)

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