Online Oil Moisture Tester, Oil Water Analyzer

HOPU online oil moisture meter is specifically designed to measure the moisture content in oils. It is the ideal choice for on-line or portable measurement of moisture content in lubricating oils and insulating oils to ensure proper operation of equipment and machinery. Relative water content is determined by continuous measurement by spiral rod-type sensor. Data will be updated and stored continuously

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HOPU Online Oil Moisture Tester,Water Content In Oil Analyzer

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Water in Oil Analyzer Introduction

The unique moisture sensing probe designed at the front end of the HOPU moisture content sensor can capture real-time changes in the electrical characteristics of oil-water mixtures, and compensate for data through high-precision temperature probes. The moisture content in the oil is obtained through optimized algorithms. The patented measurement technology held by the company has successfully achieved precise monitoring of moisture content in multi range oil.

The high reliability industrial design of HOPU enables it to continuously, accurately, and quickly measure the changes in water content and temperature in various oils under harsh environmental conditions. It can be widely used for online monitoring of water content in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, fuel, and other occasions.

Application significance of oil ppm tester

The presence of moisture has a great destructive effect on most oil fluids, such as for large continuous operation equipment, heavy machinery equipment, etc. Real time monitoring of moisture in lubricating oil and hydraulic oil plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the normal operation of these key equipment. Due to the presence of moisture, it can damage the oil film, cause additive failure, cause corrosion of metal components, render lubricating or hydraulic oil ineffective, shorten the service life of the oil, and even cause unplanned shutdown of large machinery, resulting in serious safety accidents and economic losses.

For generator sets and transformers, moisture can damage the insulation characteristics of oil, posing a threat to the safety of power equipment.

For the engine, moisture will reduce the combustion efficiency of the oil, and in severe cases, it can cause the engine to stall, leading to traffic accidents.

These valuable industrial equipment, once malfunctioning or damaged, not only suffer economic losses, but may also lead to major safety accidents. Therefore, real-time measurement of moisture in oil is of great significance in industrial production.

Two expressions of moisture in oil

1、 Water Activity Aw, in English.

The ratio of the actual moisture content in oil to the saturated moisture content in oil at the current temperature, with a range of 0... 1 Aw. For example, 0 Aw indicates that there is no water present in the oil, and 1 Aw indicates that the water in the oil is saturated and free water is precipitated.

2、 Moisture content ppm, refers to the absolute content (mass or volume ratio) of water in oil, in English, Parts Per Million, dimensionless.

3、 Mass ratio: mass of water in oil/mass of oil, commonly measured in mg/kg

Volume ratio: volume of water in oil/common unit of oil volume μ L/L

GB/T7600-2014 describes the unit of water content in oil as mg/L. The conversion method for sensor reading ppm is as follows: assuming the sensor reading is 58ppm, it is converted to 58 ppm × (0.86g/ml)=50mg/L, where 0.86g/ml is the density of the oil.

Option & Parts for HOPU online oil moisture tester

Stainless steel prefilter

USB-RS485 converter

USB-RS232 converter

Seal washer: ISO G1/2”

Connecting cable: 5m, M8 screw thread, 90°bend angle

              10m, M8 screw thread, 90°bend angle

              2m, M8 screw thread, with LED

HOPU Online Oil Moisture Tester Technical Data

Water activity
Measurement range0 … 1 aw
Accuracy0 … 0.6    ± 0.02
0.6 … 1  ± 0.03
Response time (typical)< 1 min
Water in oil
Measurement range 1)0 … 100 ppm (suitable for Mineral transformer oil)
Accuracy±10% or 10ppm max
Measurement range-40 ... 120 °C
Accuracy (at +25 °C)± 0.3 °C
Working temperature-40 ... +80 °C
Storage temperature-40 ... +80 °C
Oil temperature permitted-40 ... +120 °C
Digital signalRS485 MODBUS, RS232 (optional)
Analog signal4~20mA, resistive load=500Ω
Housing material304 stainless steel
Weight220g (transmitter), 270g(package)
Package size172×117×53 mm carton
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Mechanical connectionsG 1/2" ISO or 1/2" NPT
Pressure rangeMax 100 bar
Resistance load250 … 500 Ω
Supply voltageDC 9V-36V, >DC15V ( use 4-20mA)
Cable specificationM8 6 pin
Cable length2 m
Standard appliedCE certified, EN61326-1 EN61326-2-3 standard

ICES-003 B