Online Hydraulic Oil Particle Counter, Oil NAS Cleanness Meter

CE marked online particle counter adopts the counting principle of photoresist (shading) method specified by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee, which is specially used for on-site online measurement and detection device of oil contamination level. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast detection speed, high precision and good repeatability, and can work under high temperature and high pressure and other harsh conditions.

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ISO4406 Online Particle Cleanliness Analyzer

The instrument adopts the optical resistance (shading) method counting principle specified by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee, which is specially used for on-site online measurement and oil pollution level detection device. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast detection speed, high precision, good repeatability, etc., and can work under high temperature and high pressure and harsh conditions. Suitable for engine oil, gear oil, transformer oil (i.e. insulation oil), hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, synthetic oil, water-based (water-based hydraulic oil, water glycol, etc.), alcohol, ketone and other transparent solvents, can be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, transportation port, steel and iron metallurgy, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

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Online Particle Counter Feature

1. Using the principle of photoresistance (shading) method, the use of high-precision laser sensor, small size, high precision, stable performance 

2. It is suitable for on-site on-line detection and can monitor the particle pollution degree in oil system in real time 

3. The built-in data analysis system can display the real data of the particle size of each channel and automatically 

determine the sample grade 

4. The standard model can directly withstand 100 kg of pressure, and the pressure reducing valve is optional for 400 kg of high pressure measurement 

5. With volume flushing and long flushing mode, it is convenient for users to use and maintain the equipment 

6. Built-in ISO4406, NAS1638, SAE4059, GJB420A, GJB420B, GOCT17216, GB/T14039 and other particle

pollution grade standards, a test can give all the built-in standard results 

7. Built-in calibration function can be calibrated according to GB/T21540, ISO4402, ISO11171, GB/T18854 and other standards 

8. Any alarm level can be independently set for all standards to detect pollution or cleanliness 

9. RS232 or RS485 interface, support standard modbus protocol can be connected to the computer, host computer, printer, PLC system or other equipment for data monitoring and processing 

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10. Large storage, optionally stored inside the instrument or in an external USB storage device 

11. Rugged structure, suitable for complex working environments 

12. The down-in up-out mode is beneficial to minimize the interference of on-line bubbles to the test results 

13. Continuous testing or arbitrary test interval can be set 

14. The instrument interface can freely control the switch of the remote printer 

15. Chinese and English dual system, customers can switch freely, suitable for export 

16. Touch screen operation or film button, customers can switch freely 

17. Optional 4G/5G module, support mobile phone or computer remote data monitoring, historical data, curve query (optional) 

18. Optional built-in moisture and temperature sensor module, can output four kinds of parameter information at the same time (optional)

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 ISO4406, NAS1638, SAE4095, GJB420A, GJB420B, ГOCT17216, GB/T14039,GB/T21540, ISO4402

Oils can be measured

transformer oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, diesel fuel oil, gear oil, engine oil, etc.

Power supply

220V,50Hz, singe phase(customizable)

Other name

Oil pollution degree tester, NAS degree tester

Oil NAS Cleanness tester Technical data

1.Light source: semiconductor laser

2.Flow rate range: 10-500mL/min

3.Test sample viscosity: ≤350cSt

4.On-line detection pressure: 0.1-10Mpa (the maximum pressure of the optional decompression device can reach 40Mpa)

5.Particle size range: 1-600μm

6.Interface: USB interface, RS232 interface, RS485 interface

7.Data storage: Provide 1000 groups of data storage space and support USB storage

8.Sensitivity: 1μm or 4μm (c)

9. Overlap error limit: 40,000 grains/ml

10.Counting volume: 1-999ml

11.Counting accuracy: ±0.5 pollution degree levels

12. Protection class: IP56

13.Temperature acquisition T (optional): 1. Acquisition range: 1-100 degrees Celsius; 2. Measurement accuracy: 1 degree Celsius;

14.Water activity collection aw (optional): 1. Collection range: 1-100%RH; 2. Measurement accuracy: 1%RH;

15.Absolute water content AH (optional): 1. Collection range: 1-300ppm; 2. Measurement accuracy: 1ppm;

16.Test interval: 1 second - 24 hours

17.Test sample temperature: 0-80℃

18.Working temperature: -20-60℃

19.Storage temperature: -30-100℃

20.Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz or DC12-40V

21.Weight: 1.1kg

  Volume: 115×85×60mm

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