100KV Transformer Oil Breakdown Volatge Tester, Oil Dielectric Strength Analyzer

fully automatic oil tester is apply to test the insulating oil's dielectric strength, which is designed as per the requirement of IEC156 Testing Method of Insulation Oil Medium Strength, which via proper programming, has got functions of auto boosting, step down, stirring, display and print out. After breakdown of oil medium, HV break off will operate within 10 seconds to enable an auto isolation of control system partly; This effectively safeguards the personnel security and equipment safety.

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Full Atomatic Dielectric Oil Lab Testing Equipment Breakdown Voltage Analyzer Transformer Oil BDV Tester


HJT-100KV Advanced Type Transformer Oil Breakdown Volatge Tester, Insulation oil dielectric strength analyzer is my company's scientific research and technical personnel, according to the international standard and the latest power industry standard relevant provisions, play their own advantages, after many field tests and long-term unremitting efforts, carefully developed high accuracy, all-digital industrial instruments. The machine is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance. Because of the use of fully automatic digital microcomputer control, so the measurement accuracy is high, anti-jamming ability is strong, safe and reliable.

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 Insualting Oil BDV Tester Technical Specs

Technical Guidance

Booster capacity

1.5 kVA

Boost speed

0.5kV/s-5.0kV/s (Increment every 0.5) Ten gears optional


0.2 kV/s

Output voltage

0 ~ 100 kV

Voltage accuracy

±(2% reading + 2 words)

Power supply distortion rate

< 1%

Electrode gap

standard 2.5mm

Test times 

6 times (1-9 times optional)

Resting time

900S (0-9000 S optional)

Interval static time

300S (0-900 S optional)

Stirring time

15S (0-250S optional)

Working Condition

Environmental temperature

0 ~ 40℃

Relative humidity


Working power

AC 220V(1 ± 10%)

Power frequency

50 Hz (1 ± 10%)

Power consumption

< 200w

Weight and Dimension

Overall dimension

650mm×470 mm×410 mm


42 kg

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 1. It is controlled by single chip microcomputer with large capacity, and works stably and reliably;

 2.It is equipped with temperature, humidity and clock display functions,Customized infrared oil temperature measurement;

 3. It is equipped with a wide range of watchdog circuit to eliminate the phenomenon of dead machine;

 4. Various operation options. Instrument built-in GB/IEC standard and customized operation, which can adapt to various choices of different users;

 5. The instrument oil cup is cast and formed by special glass in one time, eliminating the occurrence of interference phenomena such as oil leakage;

 6. The unique high-voltage sampling design of the instrument allows the test value to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding errors caused in the analog circuit and making the measurement results more accurate;

 7. It has internal protection functions such as over current, over voltage and short circuit, and has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility;

 8. Instrument self-analysis function, assist operator to judge sample oil;

 9. USB and RS232 interface;

 10. Large colorful LCD touch screen; 

 11. Portable structure, easy to move, indoor and outdoor use is very convenient.

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